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Good ideas are still the key. We can help you focus your marketing ideas and present them in the form of a web site, brochure, or video. Does your target demographic always turn to the web first?  If not, perhaps you'll benefit more from print, radio, television or another medium.  Examples

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All websites are not created equally. A good website takes planning and insight. Any number of people can build a pretty website, but will it also be effective from a marketing perspective?  Will your website persuade anyone to contact you?  What are your goals for your website?  How will results be measured?   Examples


When done right direct mail works. Direct mail takes planning, testing and analysis. It's not guess work. There are time tested methods for success in direct mail. Most of a mailing's success depends upon the value proposition or offer. Copy writing and design account for the rest. If you value orders over web site visits and clicks, direct mail may be the answer.  Examples

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Call it Distance Learning, eLearning, Instructional Design, or Computer Based Training (CBT). It's all ADDIE driven.  And it works, provided the learner doesn't die of boredom before the lesson ends. We can make it so your trainees actually enjoy and remember their lessons.  Examples

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Design & Printing: After creating your design, we can arrange for printing at affordable prices as well. Digital production has made four-color process printing more affordable than ever. For mailings, we can also help with list selection, addressing, and other mailing house services.   Examples

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Video is within your reach. Why just tell your audience when you can show them? TV broadcasting is expensive but Internet broadcasting is not. Send a DVD along with your press release to increase coverage. Video training is preferred by employees. Plus, it can be a great morale booster.   Examples

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A love of writing is essential to the success of any creative project. If the writing doesn't convince the reader to give you a try, your marketing efforts have been wasted. Few things are more rewarding to a copywriter than getting the tone just right. The medium is not the only message.   Examples

Tom Heffernan